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Dear Minuiko,

I’ve come up with a response.<3



(a continuation to this, which continued this, which was a payback for this, which was a payback for this)

I should stop making stuff this long. I really tried to keep them more-less in character, but I am never confident about it.


Dear Minuiko,

Does this count as a payback for a payback?


Viria. (◕‿◕✿)

A continuation for this drawing, which was apparently a payback for this drawing.

Imagine Dragons

—Nothing Left to Say | Rocks


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I have finally finished it and now I am so proud I want to cry rivers of my proud, proud tears.

I’m Really really sorry for it turning out so angsty..But no, I am lying, I am not sorry. Not one bit. I was going to draw some happy ending or something to make the angst easier, but it won over me.

In the end the song *changes*, so just ignore that. I couldn’t find the version I have without that part that would be less than 10mb:[

the end.

thank you for *watching* and sorry for everyone who isn’t in hoo fandom and had to scroll through that:0

"Jason grabbed Nico"




Jason grabbed Nico, huh. And then flew with him.

Book. *pulls ups chair* Tell me something. *leans forward in a very serious manner* When you say “grabbed”, what exactly do you mean? Bridal style? Passing an arm around is waist? Full-on hug? What, book? What do you mean?.


I just thought of this and now I am laughing my ass off image

Untitled Cryde Fanfiction Part 1.5

Warning:  Het, eventual Clyde/Craig (not Craig/Clyde), underage drinking, gross people doing gross things in the backseat, and the usual lazy writing.  Also, watch out for the het in the next part.   It should be completely skippable if you must (and honestly, I dont usually write it, so theres that, too).

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Untitled Cryde Fanfiction Part 1.4

Warning:  Het, eventual Clyde/Craig (not Craig/Clyde), het, underage drinking, um did I mention het?  Because that will be Part 1.6.  I had to cut the next scene into pieces so the het smut would be its own, separate, skippable chunk.  Im so thoughtful.

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Untitled Cryde Fanfiction Part 1.1

Warning:  While this will be eventual Clyde/Craig (in that order, with personalities as intact as possible), there will also be het.  My interpretation of Clyde is that he is a player and Craig is just a normal guy.  Aloof, yes, but still a guy.  So they’re into chicks.  And later on, spoiler alert, they’re into each other.  My goal is to keep it realistic (as much as South Park itself could be), so polite constructive criticism about events or dialogue is welcomed.

I also apologize about writing “fag” and “gay” in a derogatory way.  Again, trying to keep it realistic to the characters and all that jazz.


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Cryde. Because of Reasons.

So I revisited South Park again.  Shoot me, please.  My old flame for Creek did not rekindle, however.  Instead I decided that Clyde belongs with Craig.  Bro power.  I found myself to be disappointed when reading existing fanfics of the two of them, though, because I couldn’t find a version of them that fit my ship.  So I decided to write again.  It is very rough and wasn’t coming out of my head as well as I wanted, but I thought I’d start posting it here.  It will be fixed as I go along and after I finish and post all of part 1.

So I shall begin posting the pieces.  Its written scene by scene, so while I shall upload all of part 1 as a  single chapter on FFn, I wanted it to be broken up here and on Y!Gal.

I shall edit each post, as well, providing links to the next and previous chapters.  Helpful stuff.

Part 1.1
Part 1.2
Part 1.3
Part 1.4
Part 1.5